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Camero, part of the SK Group, is a world leader in the design and production of UWB Radio Imaging systems, primarily for ‘Sense Through The Wall’ (STTW) and ‘Body Scanning’ applications. Founded in early 2004, Camero provides solutions to major government and commercial customers. The Company is working with world-class partners, bringing its unique products to customers around the globe and support an install base in more than 35 countries.

The XaverTM line of products for STTW provides unprecedented situational awareness for defense, law enforcement and search & rescue applications. Click here to read more

The EasyCheckTM introduce the next generation of Body Scanning that enables real-time detection of objects that are concealed under clothing, whether metallic or not – while people walk through the system.

Main applications include prevention of terror, smuggling, theft and drugs. Large numbers of people can be checked in a short period of time, making EasyCheckTM ideal for mass transportation facilities, stadium entrances, office buildings, and many more.


EasyCheckTM detects objects that are concealed under clothing, not readily apparent to the naked eye – while people walk through the system, providing an innovative solution for scanning people in motion.

The system tuned to detect any anomalies on the human body, whether metallic or not, including plastic explosives, hot or cold weapons, drugs of various kinds, liquids, powders, gels, and other unauthorized items

Threats identified by the automatic detection mechanism are presented – with their location and size – on a model of the human body, thus also avoiding the problem of personal privacy.

The system detects objects automatically and does not require or rely on any visual identification of the operator. The ‘walk through’ manner together with the real time automatic detection algorithms, enable the flow of people through the system without any delays and provide high throughput to support applications of mass transit of people.

EasyCheckTM uses micro-power, non-ionized radio waves, which makes it completely safe both for the operator and the people going through the device. EasyCheck is certified according international radiation safety standard.

The system provides 360 degrees of coverage, from head to toe, of the human body while passing through the system. EasyCheck’s unique features allow people to keep all their clothing on during the inspection – including coats, jackets, leather items etc. – without needing to remove them before entering the system and putting them back on when exiting.

No moving parts and ruggedized design makes the system almost maintenance free. The relatively low weight and the modularity of the system make it easy to install and portable when needed.

The system provides new and innovative approach to support the authorities fighting against terror, smuggling, drug trafficking, loss prevention and more.





EasyCheckTM uses a novel approach, based on a multiple array of micro power ultra-wideband (UWB) radio sensors to provide high resolution, three-dimensional imaging. Relatively low frequencies at which the systems’ sensors work, enables a high level of penetration to function through multilayer of clothing to detect anomalies on the human body.

The technology architecture spans multiple disciplines, including patented UWB antenna and transceivers design; proprietary 3D image reconstruction and automatic calibration; signal and image processing and filtering based tracking and segmentation mechanism, and Automatic Detection algorithms. Intensive parallel computing tools are used to generate real time video like 3D imaging with multi frame on line detection, to enable the concept of walk through operation of the system.

The core technology developed by the company skilled scientists and engineers.

Camero owns innovative intellectual property portfolio of patents and trade secrets that covers its applications and core technology.


EasyCheckTM bring its added value to the global market in many different segments. These includes the following market applications, and more:

  • Aviation
  • Mass Transit (Trains, Bus stations, terminals, etc.)
  • Stadiums, Entertainment/Sports Venues
  • Amusement Parks
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Museums
  • Government facilities
  • Embassies and consulates
  • Military bases
  • Shopping centers
  • Academic institutions and schools
  • VIP events
  • Land and maritime customs check points
  • Prisons
  • Loss prevention

One of the key advantages of EasyCheckTM is the reduced amount of time needed to scan passengers, this while keeping the highest security level of detecting metallic or non-metallic un-authorized objects all over the body. This is mainly in comparison with traditional existing procedures and systems, which are time consuming and in many cases uncomfortable and bothering passengers.

Full body scanners are an evolving security technology used today for scanning of people mainly in airports. These machines complement hand searches and the existing metal detectors, to improve the security framework in airports. EasyCheckTM as the next generation of full body scanners, also accelerate the throughput and improve passenger’s personal experience in venues of mass transportation, therefore enable the use of the system also out of the airport.  The system can be easily customized according variety of uses with different threat definition, risk management considerations, facility constraints, access control measures, concept of operation and security policy.



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